Close to 5000 North Carolina families produce poultry on their farms, with another 25,000 directly employed in some aspect of poultry production or processing.



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Poultry Facts

•    The Poultry Industry's Economic Impact for NC is $34.4 Billion

•    The Poultry Industry creates over 109,000 Jobs for North Carolinians

•    Poultry is the #1 Agricultural Industry in North Carolina

•    North Carolina is ranked #2 Nationally in Total Turkey Production

•    North Carolina is ranked #3 Nationally in Total Poultry Production

•    NC Poultry makes up 40% of North Carolina's Total Farm Income

•     Over 5,700 Farm Families produce Poultry & Eggs in North Carolina.

•     North Carolina Poultry Economic Impact Report (Click to view).

Other Important Links:

International Production and Processing Expo (www.ippexpo.org/)
National Chicken Council (www.eatchicken.com)
National Turkey Federation (www.eatturkey.com)
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (www.uspoultry.org)

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